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Women's Motorcycle Jackets

Premium Leather | Naked Leather | Three Quarter Length

Our collection of women's motorcycle jackets are made from our premium top grain or ultra naked leather, designed to keep you comfortable and safe from the rigors of the road while riding in style.

Premium Leather

image: Womens Biker Jacket with Side Laces

Biker Jacket


image: Traditional Style Ladies Biker Jacket

Traditional Biker


image: Motorcycle Jacket with Studded Back

Studded, Black HW


image: Womens Biker Jacket with Black Hardware

Black Hardware


image: One of our Most Popular Leather Biker Jackets

Studded Biker


image: Extra Tall Womens Motorcycle Jacket

Extra Tall


image: Black Studded Leather Biker Jacket

Studded Leather


image: Womens Premium Studded Leather Jacket

Nail Head Studs


image: Womens Euro Style Leather Jacket

Euro Style


image: Scooter Jacket: From our Best Selling Womens Motorcycle Jackets

Scooter Jacket


image: Ladies Embroidered Leather Jacket

Tribal Heart


image: Womens Scooter Jacket with Silver Stripes

Striped Scooter


image: Zipup Collar Motorcycle Jacket

Zipup Collar


image: Motorcycle Jacket with Side Buckles

Side Buckles


image: Womens Modern Racer Style Jacket

Modern Racer


image: Womens Striped Racer Style Jacket

Striped Racer


image: Womens Scooter Jacket with Reflective Piping

Reflective Scooter


image: Womens Pink Striped Leather Scooter Jacket

Pink Stripe Scooter


image: Womens Striped Hoody Jacket

Striped Hoody


image: Womens Mandarin Collar Leather Jacket

Mandarin Jacket


image: Womens Brown Leather Jacket with Mandarin Collar

Brown Mandarin


image: Womens Shirt Collar  Cruising Jacket

Shirt Collar Cruiser


image: Womens Braided Cruising Jacket

Braided Cruising


image: 'Womens Reflective Motorcycle Cruiser Jacket

Reflective Cruiser


image: Womens Premium Leather Cruising Jacket

Premium Cruiser


image: Womens Braided Cruising Jacket with Snap Down Collar

Braided Cruiser


image: Womens Armored Cruising Jacket

Armored Cruiser


image: Womens Braided Cruising Jacket with Elastic Back

Elastic Back


image: Womens Motorcycle Jacket with Fringe

Fringe Jacket


image: Womens Motorcycle Jacket with Braid, Fringe

Braided Fringe


image: Leather Rose Jacket with Fringe

Rose Inlay


image: Womens Southwestern Biker Jacket



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Naked Leather

image: Womens Naked Leather Euro Jacket

Euro Jacket


image: Womens Mandarin Collar Jacket with Body Armor

Mandarin Collar


image: Form Fitting Naked Cowhide Touring Jacket

Form Fitting


image: Womens Naked Leather Touring Jacket

Touring Jacket


image: Ladies Braided Naked Leather Touring Jacket

Braided Tourer


image: Womens Naked Leather Mandarin Jacket

Naked Mandarin


image: Naked Leather Rose Jacket

Rose Jacket


image: Three Quarter Length Touring Jacket

3/4 Length Tourer


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Three Quarter Length

image: Classic Style Three Quarter Length Motorcycle Jacket

3/4 Length Classic


image: Three Quarter Length Scooter Jacket

3/4 Scooter Jacket


image: Three Quarter Length Biker Jacket

3/4 Cruiser


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Our womens motorcycle  jackets are categorized into three basic styles with variations designed to perfectly suit your style. Our leather biker jackets encompass the traditional USA biker style. Scooter jackets are modeled in the European style, more conservative but practical. The cruising jacket features a shirt style collar that embodies an air of casual comfort.

Here’s a synopsis of each of our styles:

Womens Leather Biker Jackets

Our line of women's traditional style leather biker jackets includes a multitude of variations on the classic theme. From the universal classic biker jacket with side laces, to the traditional women’s motorcycle jacket with side buckle adjustments, elastic form fitting sides, black or silver hardware, studded back or nail head studs front and back. All made from the best quality riding grade leather.

Euro Style Scooter Jackets

Collectively referred to as scooter jackets, this genre is characterized by the round snap collar originating from the European continent in the mid-20th Century, and has come to include the oriental Mandarin style collar as well.

Noticeably more conservative that its American counterpart, the scooter jacket has entered the mainstream of biker style on all continents. Don’t be fooled by the name, our men’s and women’s scooter jackets are perfectly capable of taking a ride on a Harley any day!

Casual Cruising Jackets

Falling between the conservative and the extreme, our cruising style of womens motorcycle jackets conjures up memories of a day of cruising the road in comfort on a big fat hog or bike of your choice.  The shirt style collar and the feel of our soft, warm leather contribute to the casual, relaxed style of our women's cruiser jackets.

Three Quarter Length Womens Motorcycle Jackets

For those who desire a longer style, our exclusive line of three quarter length womens motorcycle jackets is just the thing. The extra length in the bodice allows you to ride freely in any extended position without ever making the so called “plumbers butt” fashion statement.

Touring Motorcycle Jackets

Not a style in itself, our touring motorcycle jackets are made from the best buttery soft and supple naked leather for your extreme comfort and protection.  Particularly suited for a comfortable ride on long road trips, each of our styles are well represented in our collection of Naked Leather Touring Motorcycle Jackets.

Browse through our varied collection of womens motorcycle jackets to find the style that suits you best. You can rest assured that any of the leather biker jackets you choose will be made from the best quality riding grade leather, with the finest of leather craftsmanship that you’ll find only at Biker Leather Ltd.

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