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Cordura Motorcycle Jackets

Men's and Women's

image: Armored Cordura Motorcycle Jacket


image: Cordura Motorcycle Jacket


image: Woman Wearing a Stylish Cordura Jacket


image: Man in Armored Racing Jacket


image: Womens Cordura Jacket with Orange Stripes


image: Mens Orange Stripe Nylon Jacket


image: Cordura Jacket with Orange Piping



Just for the Ladies

image: Pink Nylon Jacket


image: Light Weight Nylon Jacket


image: Womens Yellow and Grey Nylon Motorcycle Jacket


image: Womens Vented Nylon Motorcycle Jacket


image: Womens Vented Cordura Motorcycle Jacket


image: Womens Pink and White Nylon Motorcycle Jacket


Jackets by Allstate

image: Red Cordura Motorcycle Jacket


image: Orange Armored Cordura Motorcycle Jacket


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Today’s modern textile industry presents the motorcyclist with a variety of options in motorcycle safety gear. No longer is leather the only choice in the motorcycle apparel industry. Synthetic materials derived from rayon, nylon, and polyester blends have proven to be adequately resistant to tear and abrasion and the addition of plastic or soft foam body armor at strategic locations on the upper and lower torso provide for extra protection both on dirt and asphalt.

We at Biker Leather are proud to introduce a new line of Cordura Motorcycle Jackets. Stylish designs for men and women coupled with serious protection from the hazards of the road and the elements provide an exciting alternative for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

What is Cordura?

Cordura is a brand name that was originally developed by chemists at the DuPont Rayon Company to strengthen the fabric rayon in the late 1920’s. In war time, cordura was used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber tires for the military and became known for its strength and durability. DuPont eventually left the rayon business and the company Invista picked up the patent.

Today’s Cordura brand is derived from the tough and durable Nylon66 manufactured by Invista. The main property of concern to motorcyclists is its abrasion resistance, with this ballistic nylon product being able to withstand anywhere from 22 to 110 pounds of force before tearing, according to density.

Cordura is also used in the manufacturing of luggage, and many outdoor apparel and accessory applications where durability and weather resistance are a concern.

Advantages of Cordura for the Motorcyclist

Aside from the protective advantages already discussed, cordura as an alternative to leather offers other perks as well.

Cordura weighs considerable less than riding grade leather and if properly vented, can provide a cool and breezy riding experience particularly well suited for warmer climates.

Unlike leather, cordura handles water well. No need for an extra rain suit, cordura apparel is water and wind proof, dries quickly, and resists fading in the sun.

A well made cordura motorcycle jacket comes complete with an insulated zip out lining. It’s wind and water proof characteristics block the elements, and side adjustments, belts, and zipper provide for a snug fit. Wear what you want underneath.

Armored cordura motorcycle apparel has gained wide acceptance in the motorcycle racing community and is found to be equally effective as leather in protecting the racer during a skid, both on dirt and asphalt tracks.

Our Unik Cordura Motorcycle Jackets are made with your safety and comfort in mind. CE certified body armor protections are available in all our jacket models, and the cordura material keeps out the wind and water, dries fast, and is resistant to tearing.

Bikers know the importance of adequate space and we don’t skimp on the pockets, even to the point of incorporating a special cell phone pocket. Tough and durable YKK hardware insure that your zippers won’t break, and side adjustment, vents, and belts let you wear it as loose, cool, or warm as you want.


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