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Leather Motorcycle Chaps and Motorcycle Pants

Our leather motorcycle chaps come in both premium and ultra naked leather. We have an extensive line of unisex chaps and a smaller line just for the ladies. Leather motorcycle pants are made from the same premium leather. Our line of textile motorcycle pants come with CE approved removable body armor.

Sizing Your Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Chap sizing is determined by your thigh measurement at its thickest point in inches. If you measure with jeans on, that’s it. If not, then add an inch for jeans. Once you have your thigh measurement in inches, go to our leather chaps size chart to determine the corresponding size. Note that your waist does not matter when sizing for chaps as they all come with extenders.

Once you receive your leather chaps and are comfortable with the fit, determine the length you want (be sure to account for you boots) then cut off the excess with a sharp pair of scissors. Be Careful! Chaps that have been cut cannot be returned!

All of our chap sizes come with a generous length of inseam. If you are concerned the inseam might not be long enough, our tall and big and tall motorcycle chaps come with an extra 3 to 5 inches of length.

Motorcycle Chaps and Pants: Not Just a Fashion Statement

Protecting the lower torso from the rigors of the road demands that bikers have more than just a pair of jeans in their arsenal of safety gear. Riding grade leather motorcycle chaps and pants have proven over the years to act as a second abrasion resistant skin, providing comfort and protection from the elements and the road.

Today’s modern "Ballistic Nylons" have been tried and tested for ruggedness and comfort in all kinds of weather. Textile motorcycle pants and jackets add the extra element of body armor for the especially vulnerable points of the human body.

We at Biker Leather Ltd understand that motorcycle riders take their lives into their own hands every time they hit the road, and we encourage all of our biker friends to think safety first.

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