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Pistol Pete, Studded Leather, Brown Mandarin, and Pink Leather Set

Discount Motorcycle Leather Sets from Biker Leather Ltd

Our sponsor and benefactor Biker Leather Ltd has begun offering discount motorcycle leather three piece sets in the form of a rebate at the conclusion of every happy transaction. All of their premium motorcycle leather sets are being offered at around 10% off when you buy the full jacket, chap, and vest three piece set.

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The Drop Ship Phenomenon

Since its inception, the Internet has brought us a number of exciting innovations, including the advent of a widely adopted business model known as Drop Shipping. The drop ship phenomenon has allowed business men and women to offer all kinds of products to a whole world of consumers without ever having to stock the first piece of merchandise.

The concept of drop shipping was neither born of, nor is exclusive to the Internet. Construction contractors, for example, would often enter into a special relationship with their appliance supplier to have a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher delivered directly to the building site, long before the world became so widely webbed.

What the Internet has brought to the table, along with the proliferation of alternative shipping methods like UPS and FedEx, is the ability for an entity like a website to promote and sell a single product, with the wholesaler taking on the responsibility of shipping the item to a third party (who already has a massive shipping facility anyway). The sheer volume of traffic to the site generated from the Internet is what makes this business model economically feasible.
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Shopping for Biker Leather Online: The Cons

Don’t Fall Into These Pits!

Will it Fit?

The biggest advantage a brick and mortar shop has over an Internet retailer is that you get to try it on! By far, the biggest problem with shopping for biker leather online is getting the size right. Most leather motorcycle clothing today is manufactured in India, Pakistan, or China, and sizing standards will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Also note that it is standard practice that the consumer pays for all shipping costs in a size exchange transaction, the logic being that if you had taken the time to measure you’d have gotten it right the first time!

So take the time to read the size chart, and measure! Just because you normally wear a large is not going to cut it. Some very reputable leather clothing manufacturers recommend that you size up one, two, even three sizes larger.
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Understanding Your Choices of Leather

As motorcyclists, we understand the role that leather plays in our culture is not just a trendy fashion statement going in and out of style every few years, but is a time proven necessity for the comfort and safety of the environmentally exposed biker, traveling the roads of the world at some very scary speeds!

Since the late 1920’s, motorcyclists have been dependent on the skins of dead animals to keep out the bone chilling cold, and to lay down between the rider and the road when things don’t go exactly as planned.

We have utilized leather from head to toe over the years. Leather motorcycle jackets, pants or chaps protect our upper and lower torsos from the abrasive qualities of asphalt, as well as the meteorological extremes of Mother Nature. Stiff leather motorcycle boots protect our feet, ankles, and shins from the potentially bone crushing weight of our two wheeled vehicles. Leather gloves keep our fingers nimble and warm, and in times of lesser technological means, a thick leather helmet under a hard shell was about the best we could do to cushion a blow to the head.

Yes, one could say that these skins of dead animals have saved many a hide over the years. Broken bones and concussions aside, the use of leather has prevented a lot of pain and suffering by allowing the unfortunate accident victim to arise from the scene with their own skin intact.

As a consumer of leather motorcycle apparel, the choices of leather are vast. One must judge the quality of a leather garment not only by touch, feel, or good looks, but by its origin, the animal that donated the skin, and the way in which it was prepared to keep it from rotting.

It is incumbent on the consumer to know what kind of skin they are getting into, and to be sure that the garment they are shelling out no small amount for is indeed “Riding Grade Leather”.

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We’re Adding a Biker Leather Glossary of Terms

In the interest of full disclosure, we at Biker Leather Ltd are publishing a Glossary page on our blog consisting of some of the terms we use to describe such things as the different grades of leather we offer. The list is by no means complete, but its a start!

The blog page is a great place to ask any questions you may have or recieve any clarifications you need on what we mean by what we say. While we can’t really anticipate every question that every potential customer may have, we are looking forward to adding terms that you may not totaly understand in as clear and presice manner that we can.

So check out what we’ve got so far in our Biker Leather Glossary, and scroll down to the comments section if you don’t find what you need and post us a question. Really good ones will be added to the list as soon as we figure out the answer.

Biker Leather Ltd truly believes that an informed consumer is a happy consumer, and our biker leather blog, Motorcycle Leather Web 2.0, is a great place to interact!