Comment Script Just Added to our Product Pages

Biker Leather Ltd has recently initiated a comprehensive interactive comment script directly on the product page. The comment script, developed by Commentics, adds a new element of interaction to the website, similar to what we have on the blog.

an example of a comment on the basic biker jacket pageWe have been looking into this for some time now, and after careful consideration we decided to go with the Commentics script.

We see several advantages of allowing our website visitors to provide input on an item without leaving that products page, like not having to navigate to the contact page just to ask a question.

Many of our visitors that are interested in an item naturally have a question or two that they would like to ask before they decide to commit to a purchase. What we have found over and over is that most of those questions are universal, everybody would like to know that! Questions about sizing or availability of a product come up all the time. We can now answer your question right on the page, so the next person interested in that item is already a better informed consumer. Its a no brainer!

Of course we also have the option to keep it private. Just like the contact page, we can communicate directly through email, because, well, your email is required in the form (its also a security thing).

Aside from just asking a question about a product, we are hoping our customers will relate any aspect of their shopping or browsing experience while visiting Let us know what you think about our site, our customer service, or how you like your new jacket. You can even write a review!

Some of the features of the comment script include a 5 star rating system, 2 rss feeds, (one specific to the comments on the page, and one for all comments) a reply button to make it easy to start a thread, and a thumbs up or down for others to vote on your comment.

And once your comment is posted, all of your favorite social networking icons appear above it so you can easily like us, follow us, share us and recommend us to all of your friends!

We hope you like our comments on the product page as much as we do. We are looking forward to making a truly interactive Web 2.0 social type shopping experience at Biker Leather Ltd, your place to go for motorcycle jackets, chaps and pants, leather vests, and More!

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