Vintage Brown Leather

Our ever popular traditional brown leather motorcycle jacket with an embossed eagle on the back has changed colors. The manufacturer (Unik) has changed the tanning process on this jacket and it counterparts jacket without the eagle, eagle vest and plain, and the matching chaps.

They are calling it Vintage Brown Leather, and it is a much darker, richer, looks pretty black, deep dark brown. Sort of the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I mean I have seen the set in person, and your first impression is that it is black. It’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very well made and attractive set of leathers. It has antique brass hardware and a lighter brownish trim on the edges. Thick and rugged, excellent quality leather.

One problem with the lighter brown was that it was hard to get the jacket and chaps to match up if they were from a different batch. So far the Vintage Brown is matching up pretty good. They may have solved that problem.

Here’s a snapshot I took of the set in the living room (click to enlarge):

Vintage Brown Leather Jacket, Chaps, and Vest

Vintage Brown Leather Set

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