Pistol Pete, Studded Leather, Brown Mandarin, and Pink Leather Set

Discount Motorcycle Leather Sets from Biker Leather Ltd

Our sponsor and benefactor Biker Leather Ltd has begun offering discount motorcycle leather three piece sets in the form of a rebate at the conclusion of every happy transaction. All of their premium motorcycle leather sets are being offered at around 10% off when you buy the full jacket, chap, and vest three piece set.

At the time of this posting, not all of the product pages have been set up to offer the rebate, but, if you are reading this post, you know its true. All of our discount motorcycle leather sets are 10% off from now on.

This is not a sale! Its  policy! Why? Biker Leather Ltd feels that buying a full set of motorcycle leathers is a major investment that demands a lot of thought and consideration, and would like to give their loyal customers a break on their already low, discounted Internet prices.

Their is also new product being added, as well as some old stuff being taken down. It;s pretty much a revamp of the whole motorcycle leathers category. Here’s a rundown on just some of the discount motorcycle leather sets already completed.

The Pistol Pete Naked Leather Touring Set

This is the creme de la creme of motorcycle touring leather. Soft and supple naked cowhide up 1.5 mm thick, the traditional style jacket has a very large gun pocket on the front. Naked leather chaps with fine braided trim has spandex thighs for an extremely comfortable fit for long bouts on the road. The Pistol Pete vest, made from soft milled cowhide, like the jacket has another large pistol pocket.

A lot of money, yes, even with our low price standard, but here’s fifty bucks back!

Women’s Studded Leather Jacket, Vest, and Chaps

This line of studded leather is brand new, just added to the site. Traditional style biker jacket with side laces and nail head studs on the front and back. The matching studded leather vest and chaps are all made from premium riding grade leather. Take $40 off when you order the full three piece set.

Biker Leather Ltd is always finding ways to save our motorcycle riding friends some money, whether it be from their already low discounted pricing, or on our discount motorcycle leather three piece sets to save even more.

These are only two examples in the motorcycle leathers category. Check back often as we will be updating this post with even more sets as they become available. Discount leather motorcycle 3 piece sets, some of the best deals on the net, only to be found at BikerLeatherLtd.com.

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