Leather Facts

In the interest of customer satisfaction, we at Motorcycle Leather Web 2.0 strongly believe that an informed consumer directly translates into a happy customer. To that end, we are embarking on a series of interactive posts detailing the ins and outs of choosing the right motorcycle jacket, chap, or vest for you.

Consumers today have a myriad of choices when contemplating the purchase of a new set of motorcycle leathers. From thick or not so thick, to buffalo lightweight or cowhide, to naked or not. Why choose leather at all? Modern fabrics such as nylon or cordura have been stress tested up to tremendous levels, promising not to tear, and offering body armor to boot.

Sadly, many online retailers offer little explanation of the type or quality of their leather products, often referring to them simply as “Genuine Leather”. And because of the nature of shopping online, the consumer never sees more than a picture of the product before it arrives at their doorstep. All too often this leads to a disappointing, unsatisfactory shopping experience for the online consumer.

As online retailers ourselves, we do not want that to happen to our customers. We are here to build relationships, not to tear them down. As a means to that end, we will cover a vast variety of educational topics, taking the consumer through the entire decision process of determining the quality, style, and material of their motorcycle safety apparel based on the wants and needs of the individual.

At the end of each article there is a comments section where you are cordially invited to post your questions, answers, comments and arguments. If you want to call us on something we might have gotten wrong, this is the place to do it.

To view all of these Leather Facts articles together, click on the Leather Facts category to scroll through chronological synopsis of each post as they occur. You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds to receive updates of all of our posts, or just the comments posted delivered directly to your inbox.

We hope that our Leather Facts series of articles and discussions will clear the air about many of the myths and misconceptions circulating around the motorcycle leather industry. And that in the end, our valued visitors at Motorcycle Leather Web 2.0 will become the best educated Consumers of Leather on the Net.

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