Leather Maintenance: Motorcycle Leather Care

You just got yourself a brand new leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of chaps. You’re looking cool and shiny cruising down a mountain road, when all of a sudden the sky breaks loose all over your spanking clean leather. Ruined? I think not, if you had the foresight to prepare for the unexpected.

While all serious bikers know of the valuable protection afforded by good quality motorcycle leather, the fact of the matter is that riding motorcycles is an outdoor recreation, and as such, the leather we wear is going to be exposed to the elements. An unexpected rain storm on a crisp autumn day, a roadside mud bath from a clueless SUV, oil, grease and gasoline, even scruff marks from close encounters of the road all take a toll on your leather motorcycle gear.

Maintaining the Leather

You have a couple of options for motorcycle leather care when it comes to weather and stains:

Condition It

There are a number of leather conditioners that purport to render your leather stain and moisture resistant, whether it be a motorcycle jacket, sofa, or leather car seat. Simply apply the conditioner and watch your leather get even darker (should lighten back up over time). It will be much more resistant to spills, smudges and rain, but definitely not “water proof”.

Keep it Dry

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why not look into some quality motorcycle rain gear? Don’t let your leather get wet in the first place, and you’ll save yourself a lot of worry and work.

Whether you splurged for a top of the line naked leather set, went for the more affordable top grain, or just got some really cheap splits, there are precautions you can take to help ensure that your leathers last a reasonable lifetime.

Here’s a top ten list to help with some more leather maintenance issues: 10 Tips To Help Your Motorcycle Leather Last Longer. Heed the Boyz advice, take care of your leathers and they will return the favor.

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