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Stuff you should know about our website and beyond.

Comment Script Just Added to our Product Pages

Biker Leather Ltd has recently initiated a comprehensive interactive comment script directly on the product page. The comment script, developed by Commentics, adds a new element of interaction to the website, similar to what we have on the blog.

an example of a comment on the basic biker jacket pageWe have been looking into this for some time now, and after careful consideration we decided to go with the Commentics script.

We see several advantages of allowing our website visitors to provide input on an item without leaving that products page, like not having to navigate to the contact page just to ask a question.

Many of our visitors that are interested in an item naturally have a question or two that they would like to ask before they decide to commit to a purchase. What we have found over and over is that most of those questions are universal, everybody would like to know that! Questions about sizing or availability of a product come up all the time. We can now answer your question right on the page, so the next person interested in that item is already a better informed consumer. Its a no brainer!

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Unik Up and Running


Our main vendor Unik International answered the phone today and they are back in business after a week of unplanned vacation courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. Everybody is in good health, the building is in tact and inventory is unharmed.

After a week of no power they have a pretty big backlog but they say its back to business as usual and orders are going out as of today. Still going to be a delay for returns though as they are more concentrated on getting things back in gear.

Thanks for your patience.


Hurrucane Sandy Brings Unik to a Standstill

Our biggest vendor Unik Internationals’ facilities and distribution center is located in New Jersey.  Since Hurricane Sandy hit the area all communications have been lost. For those of you contemplating a purchase, please contact us first to see if we are able to fulfill the order. Those waiting on a return authorization, we are sorry but it is going to take a bit longer than usual.

Unik has been around for a long time and I am confident they will be up and running as soon as physically possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding and our hearts go out to the fine people at Unik in this time of devastation in their local community. We certainly hope and pray for their health as well as everybody affected by the infamous natural disaster we have come to know as Hurricane Sandy.

I will keep you posted on any news I hear from them.

Welcome to our New Domain

Motorcycle Leather Web 2.0 is now the Official Blog for the leather biker wear ecommerce site Biker Leather Ltd. You may have noticed some changes, as we are currently in the process of moving all of our informative articles and tweets to the domain. We will make this transition in a slow and deliberate manner, and expect to be fully ported by the end of the year. The plan is for Biker Leather Ltd to handle our many products, while Motorcycle Leather Web 2.0 will continue to churn up informative and entertaining articles and tweets relating to the world wide Biker Community and the leather industry as a whole.

So check back often to keep up with the many changes going on.

Thanks for your continued support.



Zero DS Electric Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles has come out with the Zero DS all electric motorcycle designed to bridge the on/off road gap. The light weight airplane grade aluminum frame and low center of gravity give the Zero DS its maneuverability and responsiveness.

Propriatery Z-Force Power Pack, inverted front fork and custom rear shock, the clutchless one speed is said to have a range of 50 miles.

Now available from Zero Motorcycles at around $10,000 after rebates.