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Welcome to Motorcycle Rider Web 2.0, an interactive forum covering topics of interest to bikers around the world.

In the fall of 2012, MotorcycleLeatherWeb.com teamed up with the E commerce site Biker Leather Ltd to become the official blog for BikerLeatherLtd.com

While we are in the business of selling motorcycle leather, the interactive nature of this blog site allows us to offer so much more to the world wide biker community! Thus the name change from Motorcycle Leather, to Motorcycle Rider Web 2.0. Look for upcoming articles, videos and media on subjects of interest on a wide variety of topics related to motorcycle entertainment, news and events.

We encourage our visitors to contribute! Got some pictures of a cool road trip? Share them with us! Show us your new bike! It’s as easy as registering on the site, then you can upload pictures, video and files, even write your own article and become a contributing author!

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Motorcycle Rider Web 2.0 is committed to building an online motorcycle community that offers the best motorcycle news and information, with the best biker leather and some awesome customer service just around the corner.

Get your questions answered fast. Ask them publicly in the comments section when you think other people might like to know that too, or use the contact page to communicate with us privately.

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